The only resolution to my posting issue was to start a new (& not linked to my¬† blog. So here’s where you can now find my photos, art, ramblings, etc. Thanks!!

My phone is being a major headache & since most of my pics I upload right to Tumblr app from my phone, I haven’t been able to. So once I get this fixed, I’ll be posting more regularly again. I’ll try and get some other art and photos up in the meantime. Stay tuned…

Are You Lost?


What I’m up to today…

Roller Disco Valentine Cookies

Bobby’s Burger Palace

Love Token

Happy Me On My Birthday


Lipstick Fortune

The Bike Bike Rack

That Tree

By The Shore

what i see...sometimes what i feel
(mostly pictures I snap from my iPhone as I'm out & about, other shots are from my real cameras, my art, or are blog entries)
i goof off over here: Ooh La La La
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